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  • Booth Space Rental

    Booth Space Rental

    Early Bird Booth Space Rental -- SAVE $10 on your space Now through March 9th Our next event will be April 20th, 2024 from 10am to 4pm or later depending on customer traffic. Rain date is April 21st 10am to 4pm Booth rentals are limited so reserve your...

  • Electrical For Booth

    Electrical For Booth

    Electrical supplied to booth for Handcrafted & Homegrown Vendor Event. Electrical for the event is $10. You must provide your own cord. 50 to 100ft cords are recommended. Booth space rental does not include electricty unless added and to your cart...

  • Insurance For Booth

    Insurance For Booth

    Vendor Insurance for booth rental for Handcrafted & Homegrown Vendor Event. Insurance for the events is $15. Insurance: A COI is required, if you have one please bring to the event. If you do not, vendors can choose to pay an additional $15 to be...

3 of 3 Items