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  • Ruff's Nose Balm Ruff's Nose Balm Dog Shampoo, Ruff's Paw Balm, Ruff's Nose Balm

    Ruff's Nose Balm

    Their noses can get sunburned too! Help them feel better with a little love on the nose! Our Nose Balm will moisturize and protect your pup’s sniffer against dryness and irritation. Because balms are applied topically, important factors like...

  • Ruff's Paw Balm Paw Balm Ruff's Paw Balm and Nose Balm

    Ruff's Paw Balm

    Ruff’s Paw Balm is an all-natural oil & butter-based blend specially formulated to heal & nourish your pup's chapped, rough & dry paw pads. Your pup’s paws can become dry & damaged from many elements, such as salt, ice,...

  • You Dirty Dog -Shampoo Bar

    You Dirty Dog -Shampoo Bar

    Because we love your dogs as much as ours, we designed a dog-friendly shampoo bar. Designed with your 4 legged friends in mind! Made with pure essential oils that are known to keep away the bugs that make them itch and uncomfortable. Just wet their fur,...

3 of 3 Items