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Our Standards


Our Bubbly Creators


Frustrated by commercial soaps’ harsh chemicals, detergents, and animal fats, we set out to create a better way!

Old Town Soap Co. — our amazingly scented plant-based soaps are handmade daily, in our little soap shop right here in China Grove North Carolina. Made the old fashioned way in small batches and hand cut.

We're on a mission to create handmade products that are free of harsh ingredients and full of nourishing plant-based goodness like olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and more.

We take tremendous pride in handcrafting each and every bar of soap in our soap shop. Each one is truly unique. One of a kind. Just like you are!

Our creators are whipping up our amazingly scented creations to share with you no matter how you choose to shop: online or in our stores.

No Harsh Chemicals


Our bubbly soap shop features handcrafted products that are made in small batches using the finest oils, butters, botanicals and essential oils. We take great pride in the making of each product keeping it as natural as possible without any added additives, harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients. The moisturizing oils and butters used in our soaps will produce a rich luxurious lather that will leave your skin clean and soft without stripping it of its natural oils. We use only the best quality, most environmentally and socially responsible ingredients.

All of our scented bars may be used for the face, body, shampoo or as a shaving soap.

*Please be advised that our soaps are made primarily as a face and body soap and MAY BE USED as a shampoo bar. Due to different hair types one bar of soap may work great as a shampoo for one and not so much for another.

**All of our scented products Do Not Contain any Paraben or Phthalates. We color our soaps with either a skin safe mica, spices, herbs or clays for added color.

What are micas?

We make sure we only use the best micas. Most mica used in cosmetics and soap, begin with naturally mined mica that is ground to a fine powder. This mica powder is grey-white in color until it is then coated with pigments (iron oxides, ultramarines or dyes).

Therefore, colored micas are comprised of pigments on a mica substrate (underlying substance). Those pigments, however, are not natural. They are lab-created to avoid the unhealthy levels of lead, arsenic and mercury that mined pigments contain.

Thus, there are no colored micas that are 100% natural. If they contain a pigment (ultramarine, iron oxide or dye), they are not natural.

Plant Based


All soaps are vegetable-based with no animal fats whatsoever added. Our recipe consists of saponified olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sustainably sourced palm and palm kernel oil, and shea butter.

The particular organic palm products we use, carries RSPO Certification, otherwise known as Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, guaranteeing the sustainability and traceability of the palm oil production throughout the supply chain. RSPO-IP (Identity Preserved) certification is one of four certification levels offered by the RSPO and carries the highest and strongest level of sustainable guarantee with traceability of each lot of palm oil back to the actual field of origin. With Identify Preserved sustainable palm oil, the entire batch of palm oil is from a single identifiable certified source and kept separate from all non-certified batches.

RSPO certification provides consumers and manufacturers confidence in their purchasing decisions and use of palm oil with respect to the environment and society. Therefore, making sure that the orangutans are safe.

Cruelty Free


All the products Old Town Soap Co. sells are cruelty-free. All products we make and offer have been thoroughly researched by us. We absolutely will not knowingly offer any product that may have been tested on animals by our suppliers or by third parties.


"Life is better when you hug your dog or all seven!" - Mikayla Roark - Our seven dogs (Baxter, Pepper, Lucy, Rufus, Bell, Sadie, Lilly) and seven cats (Jasper, Popo, Calie, Crowley (aka the cat from Hell), Ellie, Pickles and Murphy).

Free of Animal Fats


None of the products we make ever include any type of animal fat. Many soap manufacturers include animal fats in the soap making process which can include fats from all kinds of animals. You will never find even an ounce of animal fats used in our soap making process.