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Clean Lemon -FU Bar Dish Soap


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It's Perfectly Imperfect!

All the same goodness wrapped up in a bar that's.... well..... not as pretty as the rest! And that's why you get to save on these little bars of goodness! Enjoy the same wonderful pot scrubbing, counter cleaning, dirty dish blasting oils and butters in a bar that's perfectly imperfect!

Made using all natural ingredients

Sparkling clean dishes! All without plastic, chemicals or fragrances. Our solid dish soap bar made from Fair Trade and Sustainably sourced coconut and castor oils. Extremely effective and environmentally friendly, we are sure you'll love our dish soap!

Rub wet scrubber brush or sponge against dishwashing soap bar until soapy and creates lather, wash dishes as usual, rinse well. Keep bar dry between uses.

Fair Trade and Sustainably sourced Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide (Saponifying Agent) not present in finished product, 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil


It's the perfect accompaniment to a Zero-Waste and Sustainable lifestyle. Our Solid Dish Soap is an effective no-plastic alternative that works great on your dishes, as a kitchen cleaner for your countertops and stovetop.

Handmade soap lasts longer when you let it dry in between uses,
To preserve the life of your soap keep it in a well draining soap dish.

Our soap is handmade in small batches using traditional Cold Process Soap making methods. We use only high-quality plant-based oils. No harsh detergents, preservatives, or artificial fragrances are ever added to our dish soap! After each batch of soap is hand-poured and cut into individual bars, and is allowed to cure. This process leaves behind a gentler, harder, longer-lasting bar that is perfect for daily use while being environmentally friendly.