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Essential Oil Make & Take Classes

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You've been asking and finally we can do it!

We've brought back our Essential Oil Classes to our China Grove Location!

Seats will be limited to 15 participants for each class. Your reservation will reserve your seat and 2 rollers for each rollerball class. If the class happens to not be a rollerball class, the $20 will be applied to items you'll be making in that class! Instructor will provide all materials for the classes. Please see the dates and times each class is offered above and reserve your seat today!

Ever wonder what essential oils are all about?

Want to rely more on natural products for you and your family?

Want to know how to clean better without toxins?

If so, come to our essential oil make & take classes to learn more about how easy it is to kick toxins out of your home and live more naturally with essential oils. Learn easy, affordable, and completely doable methods using essential oils!

Essential Oil Class Schedule

Rollerball Outdoors Class - List of some roller recipes available: Bite Me-Bite & Sting Relief, Chapped-Lip Blend, Pollen-Seasonal Relief, Sweat-Cooling Blend, Take A Hike-Muscle Blend, Waves-MotionBlend and more. 

Green Cleaning Class - List of some recipes available: All-Purpose Cleaning Spray, Counter Top Cleaning Spray, Glass & Window Cleaning Spray, Tub & Shower Cleaning Spray and more.

Rollerball Mentality Class - List of some recipes available: Anxious Mess-Energize-Revitalize-Relax, Stress Less-Soothe-Content-At Peace, Study Session-Clarity-Energize-Memory

Essential Oil Perfumes Class - List of some recipes available: Bliss-Floral Oriental, Rebel-Musky (Unisex), Strong-Woodsy (Unisex), Urban-Soft-Chic-Citrusy (Unisex), Pure-Green-Fresh-Citrus (Unisex)

Roller Recipes for Pain Relief - List of some recipes available: Muscular Pain, Lower Back Pain, Head Pain, Arthritic Pain and more.

Rollerball Wellness - List of some recipes available: Immune Boost, Focus Blend, Breathe Easy Blend, Sleepy Time Blend and more.