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1.5 lb Carolina Blonde -Herb's Honey


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The first honey flow of the year, February through March. Our early spring extraction is a lightly sweet, lighter color honey.

Herbs Honey has 4 local honey extractions that are season specific for allergy preventative and alleviating purposes. Each extraction will taste different based upon what blooms the bees are pollinating. These 4 seasonal extractions are from our hives in and surrounding Mecklenburg County as we provide a large footprint of pollens from the Carolina's. These 4 local honey extractions include Carolina Blonde, Queen City Gold, South End and Herb's Pride.

All our honey is local and completely raw, unpasteurized and free of any additives. Simple sweet goodness from out honeybees!!

Each container holds approx. 1.5 lbs of Herb's Honey

Ingredients: Raw Honey

WARNING: *Raw Honey* Do not feed to children under 2 years of age.